The Romance Professionals

We are the romance professionals! Every year thousands of people walk through our doors looking for the perfect symbol of love, and we are there to help! We are there for every confused person, every wandering couple and for every special event (like an upcoming anniversary), so our customers can receive the product that is right for them and their loved one. We have the knowledge, information, products, and friendly insight to provide the ideal situation to help in the journey.

We are a family owned jewelry store that has been helping customers for over 27 years (that’s a long time!). Specializing in engagements, we interact and get to know our customers on a daily basis. Recently it has crossed our minds how very personal our business tends to be. We get to know the customer, their wants and needs, as well as the wants and needs of their loved ones. Getting to know our customers involves asking questions, so we can do our best to help in their decision making process. We believe one of the most important questions we ask our customers is, how are you going to propose?

 Starting this blog means doing something we all genuinely at the store feel is our purpose. We get enjoyment every time we help someone be with the love of their life, and this blog just takes it one step further. Our aim is to follow up with our customers after their engagement, including the story of the proposal and of course the wedding, and sharing those stories on this blog for all to read the story of their love. Because, really, what is life without love?



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