A Day of Love

Love is the epitome of Valentine’s Day, a day when we get to show our loved ones just how truly special they are to us. There are many definitions of love. For many centuries poets, authors, even scientists have tried to define the term, but we at Wheat Jewelers think the best words to describe love comes from the famous Mahatma Gandhi who said, “Where there is love there is life.”

In order to fully celebrate the day to it’s fullest, a little history may help us all appreciate the true essence of Valentines Day. There are many myths to the origin of Valentines day, but the story we find the most interesting and meaningful has to do with a priest in Rome. As the story goes this priest, aptly named St. Valentine, performed secret marriages. This was during a time in Rome when marriages were outlawed, due to the fact that the emperor believed single men made better soldiers than married men. Now that was a guy who really believed in love.

So every February 14, we honor him for his bravery and his fight for love’s justice, hence the name Valentines Day. His story reminds us of the many secret feats we perform for our customers here at Wheat Jewelers. I guess you could say we are the St. Valentine’s of the modern ages, making sure every customers gift to their loved ones is only knowledgeable to them when they get to open their neatly packaged box to reveal a beautiful representation of love.

Here at Wheat Jewelers we believe jewelry is one of the most traditional gifts to give on Valentines Day. By giving a loved on a beautiful piece of jewelry, such as an engagement ring, they are receiving an eternal symbol of commitment and love, relishing in the notion that on Valentine’s Day it should be all about love! We will help you find the perfect piece of jewelry to say I love you this Valentines Day, so you can make your own happy Valentines story.


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