Pay It Forward

She paced up and down the checkout line, frantically searching between the swarm of people as she weaved in and out between their legs, the feeling of panic starting to quickly set in.

If you’ve ever lost something so precious, with so much significance, then you know how Emily Wagner felt the day she lost her engagement ring at Meijer.

Newly engaged, it was a panicked couple of days searching, until on February 22, a good Samaritan walked through our doors here at Wheat Jewelers.

True acts of kindness are rare, people who unselfishly take time out of their day to give back to a complete stranger. This is truly a pay it forward story.

About 30 years ago this Good Samaritan had the unfortunate luck to lose his wife’s engagement ring, also at a grocery store. Luckily someone turned it in, and despite being run over, the diamond was safe and sound.

When that man saw Emily’s engagement ring lying on the ground at the checkout line, immediately that memory flooded back to him, and he knew the immediate panic she must have felt, having lost something so precious.

Seeing the inscription for Wheat Jewelers on the band he brought it in the store, to hopefully find the woman who lost it. Luckily after some searching, and a phone call to Dan Schultz, the man who purchased the ring, both Emily and Dan came in to retrieve their ring, and with looks of relief.

If it wasn’t for that Good Samaritan Dan and Emily may never have found their symbol of forever, and it was because someone turned in the Good Samaritan’s ring that he knew how it felt, and he knew there were kind people out there that had done the same for him. I think we all learned a good lesson at the store that day, Paying It Forward is one of the best gifts you can give someone.

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