Proposal Ready

Are you ready to propose? Have you found the perfect ring but are still stuck on how to present it? Here at Wheat Jewelers we’ve found that seems to be the case with many of our love struck customers, so we have devised a list of awesome proposal ideas to help you out.

She’ll never know you got the idea from us, and not only will she think it was your idea, but you are guaranteed a yes for being so creative.

We’ve put down some personal, public, and even some outrageous proposals, if you’re feeling a little risky. Keep on reading our blog for more ideas, because we will be updating them as we think of them.   

Personal: if you are searching for a proposal that’s just for the two of you, then these romantic and intimate ideas will be perfect.

-Turn off all the lights in your house and lay down candles and rose petals leading up to you on your knees with a bottle of champagne and of course the ring, ready to propose.

-Send her on a treasure hunt of all the places that’s significant between you two, at the end there you’ll be with the ring in hand

-Slip the ring on her the second you wake up in the morning, she’ll be very surprised when she sees the ring on her hand!

-Get her favorite pastries, preferably cupcakes, but really any pastry will do. Stick the ring at the top of one of the pastries, and when she opens that big white box full of yummy treats not only will she get proposed to but she’ll also get to eat something sweet, what else could a girl ask for?

-On her birthday put the ring box into a bigger box and wrap it up. Give it to her as a birthday gift, boy will she be surprised when she finds a ring in there, and you on your knees.

Public: if you want to show off to the world just how much in love you are, then these public proposals will not only catch her eye but everyone else around you.

-The classic ‘classy restaurant’ proposal, you can never go wrong with this one. Whether it’s the ring in the champagne, ring in the dessert, or even having the dessert chef drizzle ‘Will you Marry me?’ on a plate, you can’t go wrong with this one.

-Write in sidewalk chalk down the street ‘Will you Marry me?’ and when she is driving home, she will definitely see it. Just make sure you are out there when she gets home.

-If your girl is a sports gal then grab two tickets and take her to her favorite game. Another classic proposal is on the jumbotron, in front of everyone at the game, and everyone watching the game

– Make a YouTube video of your proposal and tell her you have a really funny video to show her.

Outrageous: if you want a proposal she and the rest of the world will never forget, then here are some adventurous ways to literally knock her socks off.

-Have a skywriter write ‘Will you Marry me?’ in the sky, and make sure she can see it!

-Imitate the guy from the movie Sweet Home Alabama. Rent out a jewelry store for a couple of hours, and propose with the diamond in a simple solitaire, then have her pick out the band! She will be beyond ecstatic, and you won’t have to be unsure of which style band she wants.

-Skydiving. If you can stomach it, she’ll never forget this proposal. Although she may not be able to hear you over the roaring wind as you rush down to Earth, I’m pretty sure she will get the picture when you pull out that ring box.

 proposal image


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