The Proposal

Before my big announcement, I would like to introduce myself. I’m Rebecca and I’m the gal who has been writing these blog posts for the amazing store Wheat Jewelers, where I have been proud to work at for almost a year.

Thanks to my wonderful co-workers this past weekend I got engaged! I learned they sure do know how to keep a secret, and it made the surprise even that much more special.

Let me begin my story with how my fiancée and I met. It all started in the summer of 2011. Phil and I locked eyes as we sat down on the first day of class. After class that same day on a stroll back to our cars he got up the nerve to start up a conversation which began with a sentence I will never forget,
“So you’re Canadian?” A fact he had learned when I introduced myself to the class.

From then on we became partners in class, and every day after class we would walk together back to our cars. After about a month of harmless flirting he finally asked me out on a date. We went to sushi, which he calls to this day, “the great equalizer” because in his logic whichever way you try eating sushi it ends up a mess.

It was only natural that more than a year later we began talking about marriage. Since I began working at Wheat Jewelers they had filled me with endless amounts of knowledge so I was able to help my man out with the engagement ring process, so he was able to know the style of ring that I really wanted, and which diamonds were the best. I find that many couples come in the store to pick out the ring together so the guy knows exactly the style his lady wants.

I was completely surprised when on Saturday March 3 he brought out two big flutes of champagne, got down on one knee and proposed. I honestly don’t remember what he said I was so giddy, and neither does he, all we know is I said yes and somehow the ring found it’s proper place on my left hand. Let me just say, the ring is absolutely gorgeous. I’m sure all you ladies out there who have been recently engaged know exactly how I feel, you just can’t stop staring.

I got to experience firsthand that Wheat Jewelers does beyond an amazing job helping in the process of picking out rings, making the ring, and what may be the most important step, keeping it a secret until the big day.



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