How to Maintain your Rings Sparkle

If you are newly engaged, and still basking in the glow of your gorgeous engagement ring then you may have a few questions regarding how to keep that baby looking beautiful! Here at Wheat Jewelers we want to make sure your engagement ring maintains its luster, and truly does last a lifetime, if not longer.

– After receiving your engagement ring, make sure the ring is appraised and insured, if your fiancé hasn’t already done that. With every purchase of an engagement ring at our store, we provide our customers with a free appraisal, making sure your lifetime investment is protected.

-Make sure to get the ring inspected every 6 months, to ensure there are no signs of damage or loose prongs, because you definitely don’t want that beautiful diamond falling out.

-Try not to expose the ring to a lot of lotions, hairspray or other chemicals because it can create buildup which will make the ring look less than sparkly.

-When you have to take off your ring, even though I’m sure you’ll never want to, make sure you store it in a fabric lined box, to avoid scratching your ring as well as damaging your other jewelry pieces.

-If you do happen to get a little gunk in your ring, don’t worry! We will clean your rings here for free, and make them look like new. If you really want to keep your ring looking like new come on in and get your rings cleaned weekly.

-To avoid deep scratches or dents in the ring avoid wearing it during strenuous activities, such as at the gym.

-No matter how careful you are with your ring there are going to be a couple of scratches, especially if you wear it every day. To keep your band looking super smooth come in every once in a while and get those scratches buffed out, and we do all that right on the premises so you’ll have your ring back the same day.

-If your ring is made of gold, make sure it doesn’t come in contact with any harsh chemicals, which can cause discoloration and attack the alloys in the gold. Be sure to avoid chlorines, such as those in pools and hot tubs.

-To keep the white shine to the most popular color of gold now, white gold, have it rhodium dipped about twice a year, which will restore the rings white color and shine.

We hope these tips will always make you want to talk with your hands, or take a second glance at your ring just because it is too beautiful not too.



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