Ring Styles that will Guarantee a YES

For the man who struggles picking out the perfect style for his special lady we have devised a list of engagement ring styles that have been particularly popular in the last couple of years. These styles are guaranteed to impress any relative, friend, or random stranger who can’t help but to ogle the popular classic, modern, or vintage style ring on your lady’s finger.

The element of surprise is a large factor when proposing. For those guys who haven’t had the ring discussion with their significant other, any of these classic styles will be perfect to get the yes you are ready for.

The universal symbol for an engagement ring is no doubt the solitaire, it defines classic. A solitaire is a ring consisting of a simple band with a diamond in the center. If you are more concerned with accentuating the center stone, then this ring style is perfect, the diamond is literally the center of attention. This style will give your lady the ability to pick out any type of wedding band she wishes.

Another classic engagement ring style is the three stone rings, also known as a trinity ring for its special meaning. This classic style adds a little more sparkle to the simple solitaire. Three stone rings typically have two smaller stones alongside a larger center stone. This style represents the past, present, and future of a relationship, a special meaning which will undoubtedly be a proposal starter.


Vintage styles have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years, these provide a little extra sparkle, as well as a little more design. The strongest trend appears to be the halo style, named for the border of diamonds surrounding the center stone, which looks like an angel’s halo. Halo’s give off both a vintage and modern look. The main reason it has become so popular is because the halo emphasizes and maximizes the look of the center stone essentially giving you more sparkle for less money, and I don’t think your lady will argue about a little extra sparkle. The halo is even versatile enough to work with any style ring, even the classic three stone rings.

Along with the halo, a split shank style gives an engagement ring a vintage look. A split shank accentuates a center stone, but does so in a way that is a little different than a halo style ring. The band of the ring separates into two strands, and widens toward the center stone, creating an effect which is similar to a halo. These bands are also economically sound, because typically these bands provide more finger coverage, so there is no need for a wedding band. Although your lady may want one!


Unique modern styles have become increasingly popular, for the lady who wants to stand out among the crowd.  Tension mount bands are the epitome of all that is modern, down to the very technology of the band. Also known as floating diamonds, these bands make the diamond literally appear to be floating. There are no prongs holding the diamond in place, instead there is 12,000 pound of pressure per square inch, ensuring that diamond won’t move an inch. What is really mesmerizing about this type of band is that it allows greater visibility of the diamond, as well as allowing more light to come into the diamond, which results in the diamond becoming significantly more sparkly, and what woman wouldn’t want that?


Whether your lady has more of a classic, vintage, or modern style any of these stylish picks will be sure to knock her socks off, and of course get her to say yes!


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