Make It Personal

Creating a custom piece of jewelry requires both skill and creativity, and of course the imaginative mind of every guest that decides they want a unique piece of jewelry they can call their own. The foundation of our home here at Wheat Jewelers was created primarily on custom work. It was 30 years ago when Kevin Wheat worked out of a small office, fulfilling his passion and the passion of his guests in creating beautiful custom pieces. Today, he along with the custom team here at Wheat Jewelers is bringing to life jewelry that will last a lifetime.

 The custom process is a personal one, and it all starts with you. Whether you have an original idea about what you want your piece of jewelry to look like, or you have seen one online or in a magazine that you just have to have, we make sure once you walk through our doors we get every detail in making sure your idea becomes a reality.

 You will work one-on-one with an expert on our design team, while seated comfortably in a private office, where-by getting to know one another you will be able to create an image of the piece that was once just an image in your head. Using our computer aided design system also known as C.A.D, that image in your head becomes a beautiful piece on screen. Once you have worked with the design team and adjusted and tweaked every variable on the screen to make your treasure comes alive, the next step in the process begins.

 From there we create a 3d wax of your idea. And to make sure you absolutely love your design we always make sure to show you the wax before we begin building. We want you to absolutely love the piece that you created, and if during that step anything needs to be added, tweaked, or removed we will be more than happy to ensure you walk out of our store knowing you will be ecstatic the day you pick up your prized possession.

 Then the amazing process of creating the finished piece begins. From the casting, setting, to the finishing, it all happens here at Wheat Jewelers, ensuring that the piece is absolutely flawless.

 Coming through our doors with an idea to the finished product only takes about two weeks. We know you will be in awe when you come to pick it up, and you won’t be able to stop staring at your one of a kind piece. Just make sure to keep your eyes on the road on the way home!

 Wheat Jewelers brings to life every idea, makes new every family heirloom, mother’s ring, achievement ring, engagement ring, and the list goes on and on. We are extremely happy when we know we have helped a guest create a lifetime piece from an idea all their own. Custom is our foundation, and truly the epitome of what we are all about. Making jewelry personal. 

Beautiful Custom Ring created using a customer’s family stones



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