All That Mother’s Do

In honor of mother’s day we want to show our appreciation for all that mothers have done for us.

We thank our mothers for taking over the dirty job of changing the diapers, which the fathers and husbands seem to have an aversion too.

We thank them for getting up early with us, just so the husbands and fathers can get a little more shut eye.

We thank them for taking us to all the doctor’s appointments, even when we put up a fight.

We thank them for cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry and going grocery shopping, because we know without them nothing would get done.

We thank them for taking care of us when we are sick, because there is nothing like having your mother take care of you.

We thank them for being there at every event, whether it was a sport’s game or a dance recital.

Most importantly we thank them for every kiss and hug, which makes every day that much more special.

Let’s face it, our mothers are our superheroes, and without them we wouldn’t be who we are today. For that reason, you can’t deny that mom deserves something special this mother’s day. For all they do for us, they deserve the world.

Here at Wheat Jewelers we appreciate our mother’s and know Jewelry is a forever symbol of your love for her. From our beautiful collection of birthstone jewelry to our Mother’s Day special on our diamond stud earrings, we know to help you show your mother just how much you love and appreciate everything she has done for you.



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