Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

Finding the person you want to propose too is usually the hard part, but taking that next step in buying an engagement ring should be the easy part, and hopefully these tips will make the process simple and painless.

Don’t Break the Bank

Establish a budget. Keep in mind the cost of the engagement ring, as well as the wedding band, since she will eventually be wearing both. Don’t go by the 3 month salary rule, do what is right for your bank account.

 What’s Her Style?

Make sure you have some sense of her style, it will make your experience a lot easier, and it will ensure that she will love the ring for the rest of her life. Trust your instinct. Look at what kind of jewelry she wears, is it simple? Ornate? Does she wear a lot? Or a little? Every little piece of information can help. If you’re a little more comfortable with her friends and family then you can always ask around. Ask them what they think she would like for the style of ring. You might find them to be surprisingly helpful.

What’s Her Ring Size?

This mission requires a stealthy man. If you think you’re up to the challenge you may be able to temporarily borrow one of her rings, and bring it on over to us to see what the size is. Just make sure its one she wears on the ring finger of her left hand. If she doesn’t have a ring she usually wears, the best option would be to get a woman’s average finger size 7. Even if that isn’t her exact size, here at Wheat Jewelers the first sizing is free so no matter what, and our goldsmith does it all here in the store same day.

 Should You Shop Together?

More and more we see couples looking at rings together. Decide if you want her involved in the process. Maybe you aren’t exactly sure what her style is, or you know she wants to be involved. The ring is an investment in love and sometimes picking out the ring together ensures that she will love it forever. Besides the proposal will still be a surprise!

Where Should You Shop?

Shop locally. Local jewelry stores are very different than regional chains. For instance regional chains tend to significantly raise their prices, and usually work on commission, whereas local stores are less pushy and have a friendly atmosphere. Wheat Jewelers is a local jewelry store in Okemos, MI. We always make sure to provide the best customer service possible.


Knowledge is key when buying an engagement ring. Here at Wheat Jewelers our salespeople are equipped with the knowledge to help you pick out the perfect ring. Whether it’s the 4c’s of a diamond, what diamond will best suit her style, what setting will be best for her, and the practicality of the ring, a knowledgeable salesperson will make all the difference in helping you make a knowledgeable and happy purchase.


Since the ring is such an important investment, make sure the store you worked with types up an appraisal. You will want to immediately give that information to your insurance company, just as a precaution, and make sure you have a separate rider.

You & the Store in the Future

Store policies will make all the difference when purchasing an engagement ring. Essentially you will most likely be working with the store you purchased the ring from for the rest of your life, so it’s important to make sure there’s a positive future ahead. Here at Wheat Jewelers we have a goldsmith on site, so it makes the care of your loved ones ring a lot easier, especially in terms of cleaning, sizing, and repairing. Instead of having the ring sent out we do it all right here in the store, so it isn’t to long until that ring is back on her finger. Upgrading your diamond may be an important factor when looking into purchasing an engagement ring. Here at Wheat Jewelers we put the full amount of the original purchase towards the purchase of a new diamond, as long as it is at least 50% more than the original.

The Element of Surprise

After the purchase the only thing you have to worry about is the element of surprise, granted that is a big part of the event, but here at Wheat Jewelers we are experts in surprise and we will make sure she has no idea about the ring until you get down on one knee and reveal the ring she’s always dreamed of.



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