Wedding Ring Guide

‘Tis the season for wedding bells. In honor of wedding season we have constructed this blog post around all those future newlyweds who are on the hunt for the perfect wedding band. Believe me, we know, sometimes choosing the perfect wedding ring is harder than it seems, especially with the many options available now, but I’m confident we can help guide you in the process.


For as long as I can remember my mom has worn her engagement ring on her right hand and her wedding ring on her left. The modern bride seems to like to leave the right hand free, so in most cases the modern bride wears her engagement and wedding ring together on her left ring finger.

A wedding band that’s style matches with the engagement ring has increased in popularity among bride-to-be’s, undoubtedly because the majority of married women wear their rings side by side. The future groom may have already picked out a wedding set for his bride, which consists of a matching engagement and wedding band. If that isn’t the case the bride-to-be may have a little more of a challenge picking out a matching wedding band, especially with a more ornate or low set ring. To find a band which fits perfectly against your engagement ring customizing one is preferred among many bride-to-be’s. Here at Wheat Jewelers we use our C.A.D system to create a wedding band that fits perfectly against your engagement ring.

Vintage style wedding bands and engagement rings create a romantic feel, and its heirloom like qualities may be why this popular trend has returned. If you are a bride- to- be looking for a vintage style a wedding band with raised beaded edges, scroll style engravings, and tiny diamonds will create that vintage look you desire.

White gold is by far the most popular metal when it comes to bridal jewelry, but palladium is another great alternative to white gold, especially if you are a gal who doesn’t like the maintenance white gold requires to keep it nice and sparkly. Palladium is a naturally white metal so there is no need for rhodium plating, it will stay white throughout your lifetime.

Future Groom

Alternative metals are flying out of the cases when it comes to men’s wedding bands. The modern groom’s lack of jewelry creates a need for wedding bands that are simple, yet strong, hence the popularity of alternative metals.

Tungsten is a highly durable, scratch resistant, heavier metal that is popular for men’s wedding bands. A lot of the appeal of a tungsten ring for guys is its darker grey color, which makes the ring a little less flashy and a little more subdued. Perfect for the future groom who likes the feel of a weightier ring, so he always knows it’s there.   

Titanium is another popular metal for men’s bands, most likely because of its inexpensive unbreakable nature, which makes it great for the active groom. Titanium is also not as luminous as white gold, making it another favored alternative metal for a future groom that wants a subdued look, but still symbolizes his eternal commitment.

Another metal that has become increasingly popular is Vitalium. For the man who wants a little more flash but a lot of strength Vitalium has it all. The only downside may be that the ring cannot be sized, along with most other alternative metals. Strong, hard, scratch resistant, and easy to remove in case of an emergency, Vitalium holds all the characteristics of a wedding band that will last a lifetime.

Don’t stress when looking for wedding bands. Despite what’s popular find one that fits your personality. With over 3,000 rings to choose from here at Wheat Jewelers we will help you find a wedding band that suits you, and if you don’t find the exact one that fits your engagement ring we can custom make one that’s all your own. 



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