Pulling off the Perfect Proposal

You’ve met the one, now comes the hard part, the proposal. If you are a guy on the verge of proposing then you are undoubtedly nervous, but the moment you propose is a moment when chivalry returns, a moment when all your attention is focused on your future wife. Here’s how to pull off a flawless proposal, and be the chivalrous man she can’t bear to say no too.

  •  Don’t Catch her off Guard – Even though a surprise proposal is important the idea of marriage shouldn’t be a complete surprise. Make sure you are both on the same page about your future together. Essentially, make sure she is ready to say “yes!”
  • Find the Perfect Ring – More than 80% of engaged women said they gave their fiancés a little input on the style of ring they wanted, so don’t be shy to ask your girlfriend which style she prefers, after all she’s going to wear it for the rest of her life.
  • Take her shopping – If you want to be a little sneakier take her shopping for a watch for yourself or another piece of jewelry, there is no doubt in my mind she won’t shift over to the engagement rings and it won’t be long before you know the exact ring she wants.
  • To be Super Sneaky – If you think that will tip her off to your plan then check out her Pinterest, surprisingly the social media site helps a lot when searching for the perfect engagement ring. Just like I did, I’m sure she pinned various rings she liked. We’ve had guys walk into our store with their girlfriends Pinterest armed and ready to make the experience as easy as possible. In the long run she will be happier wearing a style that suits her personality and ring shopping will be a lot easier for you.
  • Ask her parents – Having a relationship with your in-laws is important, and asking for their daughters hand in marriage will shed you in a different light, one which includes maturity and respect. This might be one of the more nerve racking steps (a testimony from my fiancé), but believe me it’s worth it! My parents love my fiancé and won’t stop talking about what a gentleman he is. It will score major points not only with her parents but with your future bride.
  • Make a Plan – Don’t wait until the last moment. If you are ready to propose then she is worth a well thought out plan. Be creative, she will remember this proposal for the rest of her life.
  • Pick a Personal Spot – Choosing the proposal venue should have meaning to the both of you, and when doing so consider whether she prefers a private or public proposal. If she is a little more shy and reserved then stick with a private proposal (like mine!), but if you’re feeling daring and you think you’re future bride isn’t afraid of the spotlight then go for a public proposal. Either way it should be at a place she’ll never forget.
  • Involve the right people – Trying to decide who should know about the engagement, or who should help you in the process can be a hard decision. Make sure your close family and friends who you enlist help from can keep the surprise a secret.
  • No food proposals – A man decided to pop the question by hiding the engagement ring in a Wendy’s frosty. His girlfriend must have been ravenous because she scarfed down the frosty so fast that she didn’t notice the ring mixed in. Yes, she swallowed the ring. Let that be a warning to all those future proposals, keep the ring safe and sound, and prevent it from having to be surgically removed.
  • Drop down on one knee – Traditional and warranted, dropping down on one knee is not only gentlemanly but is the universal signal she is about to get proposed too. I’m sure right then and there she’ll start to tear up.
  • Have a backup plan – Just incase things don’t go according to plan make sure to have a backup proposal.
  • Be prepared with a speech – The words you utter on bended knee will be a speech she will talk about over and over again, so make it special! Make a list of all the reasons you want her to be your wife, memorize it, and practice, practice, practice! Chances are you will stumble a little anyway, but it will increase your chances that she will actually understand what you’re saying.
  • Record your proposal – Whether it’s a photographer, your best friend, her best friend, or a videographer just make sure you capture the proposal. You both will always look back on the moment you dropped down on one knee, it will forever be priceless.
  • Celebrate – Don’t forget to celebrate! You’ll most likely be relieved, she’ll be giddy, but take some time to yourselves, you just got engaged! Then you can call your loved ones and give them the good news. 



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