Resetting your Engagement Ring

You still remember the exciting day your man proposed, it may have been recently or maybe you have worn that beauty for a number of years, but of lately you find yourself glancing at your left hand and thinking it might be time to change things up a bit.

Reasons Why You SHOULDN’T Feel Guilty

  • What’s considered fashionable in the jewelry industry changes quickly, your hubby may have purchased a style that was popular at the time of purchase, but now its old news. Resetting your stone in a classic look will ensure it never goes out of style.
  • Jewelry wears over time, especially a piece of jewelry that never leaves your finger. In that case, wear and tear can happen a little faster. Instead of paying charges to repair the ring, which could cost as much or even more than resetting your diamond, take this opportunity to convince your hubby that it will be better for you both in the long run.
  • You’ve put up with your man how long?! You deserve a new ring on your finger. Mark the celebration of a major anniversary milestone by changing your setting; I think he’ll agree too. He’ll be happy to show you he loves you even more than the day he proposed, he’ll be showing appreciation for the longevity of your relationship.
  • More and more you find yourself placing your engagement ring back in its cushioned white box, because you are afraid of damaging it. Maybe you are athletic, a hairstylist, or just plain clumsy (like me), but you need a new setting that will let everyone know that you are engaged/married, and that means wearing it at all times. I’m positive your man will be more than happy to find a setting that works for you, you’re taken and he wants everyone to know.
  • You suffer from DSS. Diamond shrinkage syndrome, an ailment caused by wearing an engagement ring for a long period of time, and believing that the diamond looks a tad smaller than it used to be. Of course a diamond shrinking is impossible, but for this psychological ailment the cure is a diamond upgrade. Oftentimes a larger diamond may not fit right in your old setting, so go ahead and change it all up. Pick the diamond and ring out together and the new ring will be sentimental to you both.

How to find the Style You Want

  • Do your Research. Check out Pinterest, Etsy or any other social media site for engagement ring styles, trust me there will be thousands of styles, and I’m sure you will find more than a couple that stands out to you.
  • Here’s the fun part, go scouting! Now that you’ve found the style you prefer it’s time to try it on. Many clients have tried on a style they thought they preferred and completely changed their minds because a style looks different on every hand, so trying different styles on before deciding on a ring becomes an important factor. When you find the one that you start comparing to others you’ll know that’s the one.
  • Decide if you want to keep your diamond. Many gals who decide to reset their engagement ring keep the original diamond as a sentimental aspect, but others opt for an upgrade. I think for the husband it is a symbol of his growing success and love for his wife. With Wheat Jewelers lifetime diamond upgrade we make upgrading your diamond a painless process. If you do decide to keep the diamond your man proposed with, Wheat Jewelers can fit your stone into any of the 3,000 different engagement rings we have in store.
  • Decide if you want to keep your original setting. Setting your diamond into a new setting leaves your original setting sitting fingerless and diamondless in your jewelry box. When purchasing a new setting a lot of our clients sell their previous setting towards the purchase of their new setting.

Styles to Maximize your Stone

  • If your ring gets caught on absolutely everything, have your diamond reset into a low setting, or one with a bezel (a ring of metal that surrounds the diamond). That way you will have less instances of scratching your partner in your sleep, or pulling your favorite sweater.
  • To maximize sparkle and have the added bonus of making your stone look larger, have your diamond reset into a halo (a ring of diamonds surrounding the center stone). No one will be able to miss how gorgeous and sparkly your new ring will look.
  • If you accidently damaged your center stone, don’t fret! Place your slightly damaged stone into a setting that camouflages the problem and keeps it from getting worse. Have it looked at by a jeweler so they can decide what setting will be right to protect the diamond, depending on how much damage has been done to it.

How to Approach the Topic

  • Undoubtedly your man knows when you are about to ask him for something. Just make sure not to blurt it out. Let him know he is appreciated and the original ring is and always will be cherished, but it’s time for a little something different.  
Custom engagement ring using a customers diamond



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