The Mangagement Ring

What on Earth is a Mangagement Ring?

You’re taken. Blatantly obvious by the sparkling rock sitting elegantly on your left ring finger, but what about your hubby-to-be? His fingers are lacking that circular band that fends off scouring single women. What ever happened to this so called gender equality?

Hence the increasingly popular trend of buying your man an engagement ring. A Mangagement ring is simply a ring that adorns your hubby-to-be’s finger. Whether it’s his right ring finger or his left, it’s up to him.

Why you should buy your Man one

The engagement ring on a woman’s finger is like a man repellent. That sparkling ring does symbolize a contract of never ending love, and its meaning is not lost on any single guy witness to it, so shouldn’t our manly fiancés wave around a ring which makes them invisible to the opposite sex? I think yes. 45% of brides did say they would give their fiancé an engagement ring, that has to count for something!

Why your Man shouldn’t be embarrassed to wear one

– Michael Buble’ sports an engagement ring given to him by his Argentinian fiancé

– Victoria Beckham gave the infamous David Beckham a custom Mangagement ring, which he still wears.

– Jennifer Hudson gave her hubby-to-be a 5 carat Mangagement ring. Now that’s commitment!

– Countries around the world, such as Brazil and Argentina have been sporting this trend for hundreds of years.

– Prior to 1940 only about 15% of men wore wedding bands, then during the start of World War 2 when young men headed off to war they wanted to wear something to remember the brides they left back home. Wearing a Mangagement ring will do just that. Remind your hubby-to-be of you every single day, just as your engagement ring does about him. Today, 90% of men wear wedding bands, so why can’t we start the trend just a little before the wedding?

Styles of Mangagement Rings

If you’re thinking of buying your man an engagement ring, stick with a practical look. One that your hubby to be will want to wear for the rest of his life. That way he can begin by wearing his Mangagement ring on his right hand, and then move it to his left hand during the ceremony to symbolize a wedding band.

–  For a simplistic guy who likes the classics go for either a white gold or yellow gold band.

– For a guy who’s a little rougher around the edges try an alternative metal such as Tungsten, Titanium or Vitalium. If your guy is an avid gym goer or sports player, he will appreciate the durability of these metals.

– For a guy who likes a bit of flash opt for a Mangagement ring with a small embedded diamond. He may not be showing off his ring as much as you were at first, but he will be grateful for a little added sparkle.

– For a guy who rarely wears any jewelry, and doesn’t want the maintenance of white gold try a palladium band. Palladium is a lightweight metal that will always stay white.

Now, you don’t necessarily have to propose first, although that would be a great gender leap of this generation, but buying your man an engagement ring after he proposes will set the stage for a future that symbolizes loves equality, and of course ward off all those single ladies.

Tungsten Carbide Mens Band


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