A Guide to Proposing Overseas

Airport security has tight travel restrictions, resulting in guys on the verge of proposing asking one immense question, how do I get my engagement ring through airport security without my future bride noticing?

It’s alright guys; we’ve got the answers that will make all your stress go away. Well maybe except the stress that comes with popping the question, but we know you’ll do find with that too.

Proposing on vacation, especially overseas can make an unbelievably romantic and unforgettable proposal, but some precautions need to be taken to get it safely through airport security and still obtain the element of surprise.

 Prior to the Trip

  • Make sure to have the ring insured before you leave, and that it’s internationally covered. Choosing a policy that covers theft, accidental loss, and mysterious disappearance. You can never be too careful.
  • Call the hotel you will be staying at and ask if they have a hotel safe, if not book a reservation that does. You’ll need it when you arrive.


  • Put the ring in your carry-on. Checking a bag with an engagement ring unfortunately could create unwarranted attention and result in a missing ring and a messy suitcase.
  • Don’t fill your carry-on with thing that are easily flagged such as electronics or toiletries like shampoo or conditioner. Either leave these items at home, or buy the essentials once you reach your destination.
  • Pack your purchase paperwork. If the TSA agents happen to have a question about who purchased the ring, and you lack the paperwork, you might be in a wee bit of trouble.
  • Keeping the ring safe is vital when you’re lugging your carry-on around. There are a number of different ways to keep the ring safe, so you can choose which procedure fits your situation best.
    • Keep the ring in the box it came in. Don’t wrap the box, which could prevent TSA from being able to see what’s inside. Attach a note to the box that reads “Engagement ring inside. Please be discreet.” So if TSA happens to search your bag they hopefully won’t rat you out. Slide the box into a familiar item of clothing, such as a sock, so even if it is removed from your bag your girlfriend will think it’s just a regular item of clothing. Tuck it into the bottom of your carry-on bag, just incase your girlfriend happens to peak in.
    • Put the ring box in the bag you are checking, that way you will have it for the proposal. Place the ring between two pieces of cardboard and seal it in an envelope. Write ‘hotel reservation’ or something inconspicuous on the front and put it in your carry-on bag. A little deception on your part will go a long way in the end.

 At the Airport

  • Have her go through security first. That way if your bag gets searched she’ll be preoccupied trying to get all her stuff together, and won’t notice a thing.
  • If a TSA agent ends up pulling your bag aside to search, try distracting her. Ask her if she wouldn’t mind getting you both some snacks. Just don’t get too out of character or she may become suspicious.

 On your Trip

  • After the proposal, if the ring doesn’t fit correctly keep it in the hotel safe. That will ensure it doesn’t end up lost on one of your excursions. When you get home, bring it back to your jeweler to get it sized.
  • Even if the ring is a perfect fit if your trip involves swimming, snorkeling, or any other water bound activities keep the ring in the hotel safe. Fingers constrict in the cold, and that could result in a lost ring in the depths of the ocean.

 Safe travels!




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