The Modern Engagement

Researching, proposing and purchasing an engagement ring have drastically changed over the past few years. Many couples have chosen to go through the process together.

 Picking out the Ring

  • Before a man thinks about proposing the average time he needs to be dating is about 2 years, whereas for a woman it’s anywhere between 1-2 years.
  • 63% of brides want their future groom to ask their mom or dad for permission before they propose, and luckily 71% of grooms did in fact ask for their bride’s hand in marriage
  • Technology has become a large tool when it comes to engagement ring shopping. 63% of soon to be brides used their phones to look at rings, and 20% of those soon to be brides used their phones to give hints to their boyfriends
  • Both the bride and her partner searched for engagement rings 0-3 months before getting engaged, suggesting researching for a ring has become increasingly important
  • Women are more comfortable looking at engagement rings with their partners, a whopping 83% to be exact.
  • Women are also getting a little more daring when it comes to searching for an engagement ring. 21% of soon to be brides will visit a retailer in person without her fiancé. Just to make it easier on her man of course.
  • 31% of women were very involved in selecting the ring, meaning they shopped and purchased the ring with their future groom. The increase in women involved in purchasing the ring may be because 42% of women would not trust their partner to choose an engagement ring, although 66% of men are confident that they would pick the right ring. Maybe we need to give the men a little more credit.
  • The overall design of the ring is one of the most important features for brides when it comes to the ring and for their partners it all comes down to the stone. In fact, 59% of men are more comfortable discussing and shopping for diamonds than their brides.
  • Only 19% of men purchased the ring as a total surprise.

The Ring

  • Today the average cost of an engagement ring is between $4,665 and $5,285.
  • 35% of both men and women said they thought a 1 month salary was enough for an engagement ring, down from the 3 month salary rule.
  • Most grooms purchased from a local independent jeweler. (Like Wheat Jewelers!)
  • 85% of engagement rings were purchased new, 11% were heirloom pieces and 4% were vintage.
  • Custom creating a ring has become popular. 42% of all engagement rings are custom created.
  • Diamonds will always reign as the center stone when it comes to an engagement ring. 72% of women said they would prefer diamonds to gemstones, and men top that percentage at 83%. Diamonds might just be a man’s best friends as well.
  • 1.1 carats is the average weight of a center stone, and 1.6 carats is the average total weight of all stones in the ring.
  • A round diamond will never go out of style, and tops the chart at 55% as the center stone in an engagement ring. No doubt because of the added sparkle the round provides. The princess cut follows behind at 28%, and the cushion cut at 5%.
  • A prong setting is the most popular style of band when it comes to engagement rings, topping out at 32% of all rings. The next comes in at 16% with a halo setting, 15% for a pave setting, and 10% for a channel setting.
  • 80% of rings are paid for by the groom to be, although a surprising 46% of women would be ok splitting the cost of an engagement ring, maybe because they get a little more say when it comes to the style of ring they want.
  • 1 in 4 grooms spent more than they originally budgeted for the ring, but 17% of men were prepared to work overtime to pay for the ring.

 The Proposal

  • December is the most popular month for proposals, undoubtedly due to the holidays.
  • Better make the proposal one to remember because 25% of women view the proposal as more important than the wedding ceremony, but if that’s a little too much pressure 37% of women were open to proposing.
  • When it came to the proposal 43% of grooms planned the proposal down to the last detail, while 10% of grooms winged it.
  • 57% of grooms proposed privately, which may be good because most brides prefer more personal low key proposals, whereas 43% proposed publicly.
  • 77% of grooms proposed on bended knee, proving the tradition still exists.
  • 59% of men made sure to have their favorite bottle of wine/champagne when proposing.
Engagement Ring


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