How to Personalize Jewelry

Personalized jewelry has become the “it” way to show your sweetheart you love them. Just in time for Valentine’s Day we’ve created this step-by-step guide to help you find the perfect personalized piece that will show her just how much you love her.


What type of jewelry does she wear the most? Earrings, pendants, rings? Undoubtedly she has a collection of one or the other, and if she sticks to a certain style than she is most likely hankering for another type of that jewelry to adorn. Not sure exactly what she wears? Opt for a pendant; they are the easiest to personalize.


Peek at her jewelry. Does she wear mostly gold or white metal? This will greatly determine what your budget will be. If she wears mostly gold metal than the piece of jewelry you’re looking for is probably made out of yellow gold, and as many of you know, gold can be a little pricey. If she wears mostly white metal than you can breathe a sigh of relief, even if she wears mostly white gold you can opt for sterling silver if you’re on a budget, which is significantly less than gold. Keep in mind if she has an allergy to sterling silver or gold, you’ll have to think of choosing a hypoallergenic metal like palladium.


There are a number of ways to personalize jewelry. Engravings have become the fashionable way to personalize a piece of jewelry. Engrave your anniversary, the day you two met, the birth of your son or daughter, heck even the day you got your dog! She will be beyond ecstatic to know you remembered any of those dates (Just make sure to get them right).

Birthstone jewelry is another way to create a personal piece. You’ll still have to remember her birthday, your kid’s birthdays, etc. but at least if you happen to get it wrong she will have beautiful sparkling gemstones to, hopefully, cut you a little slack.


Head to a jeweler, ASAP! I’m willing to bet most of you who are reading this are already pushing the time limit to when you need the piece of jewelry for. The sooner the better; especially for a personalized gift.

Initial Disc Necklace

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