After the Engagement – 14 Tips to Get You Started

Call ALL relatives

Allow some time together as a newly engaged couple before you pull the phones out. The first thing after you both delight in being engaged is to call your loved ones. By personally calling them you are letting them know you care enough about them to let them in on such a special moment in your life. Oh, and it’s a social courtesy, so don’t go straight to social media until you’ve alerted those closest to you.

Get your Ring Sized

Hopefully your fiancé got just the right fit, but let’s face it, guys aren’t mind readers, so if your ring is loose or a little too tight have it sized ASAP. Everyone will want to see that ring on your finger, and most importantly you won’t want to stop staring at it.

Get your Ring Insured

If your fiancé hasn’t already insured your ring, this should be one of your top priorities. Insuring the ring makes it so that if anything happens, and I mean ANYTHING, you’ll get your money back. You should have received an appraisal on the ring from your jeweler. Add the ring to your home owners or renters insurance.

Get a Manicure

You’ll be frequently showing off that ring, so you’ll want your nails to be nice and clean. Whether you go to a nail salon or do it yourself, a fresh coat of paint will make your ring pop!

Announce it on Social Media

Social media is a great way to let everyone know you are engaged. Changing your relationship status to ‘engaged’ will definitely get everyone talking. Supplement that with a beautiful picture of your ring, and that’s the first thing that will get noticed on everyone’s newsfeed.

Adopt Better Habits

Start sticking to a beauty regimen and deciding on your workout routine. You want to be fresh faced and feel your best on the most important day of your life.

Set a Date (Even if it’s a Potential Date)

The moment he puts that ring on your finger people will start asking when the date is. Trust me, even the first few calls you make to inform people of your engagement will involve this question. You and your fiancé should think of a tentative date, even if it completely changes, just so that people will feel in the loop.


Make a Pinterest wedding board. There you’ll find every type of wedding, DIY ideas, wedding dresses, everything about a wedding you could think of. That way you’ll get ideas of exactly what you want your wedding to be like, and you can show your fiancé. What did brides do before Pinterest?

Talk about your Budget

Budget will determine everything when it comes to planning a wedding. Find a time to sit down with your fiancé and discuss a budget you both will be comfortable with. After that you’ll know exactly what you can and cannot do.

Create a Tentative Guest List

You can never start a guest list too early, even if it’s tentative, especially when you start to look for venues. Ask both sets of parents for a tentative guest list.

Start Looking at Venues

Once you have a tentative guest list you’ll be able to start looking at venues. Figure out where the two of you see yourselves having the wedding. Start visiting several different ones to find pricing and what you both like and dislike.

Wedding Planning

Having to keep track of everything you need to do for your wedding can be hard. Don’t hire a wedding planner, believe me, you don’t need one. With apps these days you’ll have a wedding planner at your fingertips. They’ll give you a timeline of what needs to be done every month, and allow you to check off what’s been accomplished, so you’ll be able to de-stress a little.

Take Engagement Photos

Not everyone takes engagement photos, but they are great to have looking back on the time you were engaged. They are also great pictures to use on your save the dates.

Enjoy It

With all the hustle and bustle going on you’ll probably feel a little stress. Take some time with just you and your fiancé to enjoy some time together without all the wedding stress. After all you just got engaged!

Engagement Ring


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