Proposal Mistakes to Avoid

Asking Empty Handed
Yes, a proposal is more than an engagement ring, but an engagement ring symbolizes your commitment to your future bride. So, don’t propose empty handed.
Show her you took the time to find a ring that suites her personality. If you’re worried she won’t like the ring, don’t. Pick out a beautiful diamond and have it set in a solitaire (a diamond set in a simple band). A solitaire is a classic look that will never go out of style. That way, after you propose, she will have a piece of jewelry to show that you made a commitment to her.
Moving Too Quickly
Have you two talked about marriage? If not, you probably should. Springing a proposal on her without knowing if she’s ready for marriage could lead to a proposal gone wrong.
Just make sure to have the conversation a while before you’re planning on proposing, so she’ll least expect it.
Telling too Many People
You want the proposal to surprise your soon-to-be fiance. If you tell a lot of friends and family, your surprise has the possibility of backfiring.
Keep as much of the proposal to yourself if possible, unless some of your friends and family are helping you with your big surprise.
Not Waiting for the Right Moment
You have the perfect engagement ring, and it’s burning a hole in your pocket. Although you might be anxious to get that ring on her finger, propose at a moment that feels right. You’ll know what I mean, you both look at each other and you just feel that love. Sappy, I know, but it’ll be a moment she’ll remember for the rest of her life.
Didn’t Incorporate her Personality with the Proposal
You’ll want to take the time to really think about her personality and how she would like to be proposed too.
If she’s introverted she will most likely enjoy a low key proposal, whereas an extrovert may not mind a public proposal.
You’ve Drank a Little too Much
No doubt the stress of proposing is great. If you decide you would like to propose where they serve alcoholic beverages, be careful how much you consume, or better yet don’t consume any at all!
Not only may you not remember the moment you proposed, but your fiance-to-be may think the proposal is a joke if you are slurring your words.
Avoid Cliches
Your girlfriend has probably seen just about every romantic movie out there, which means she has probably seen just about every proposal there is.
When you are proposing, stay away from those cliche movie proposals. Although great for moving women to tears, in real life, they are one too many.
Incorporate your unique relationship into the proposal, so it’ll be a moment she’ll be proud to never forget.
Not Asking Her Father
As times change asking for permission to marry may not be necessary, but it is a courtesy towards her and her family. By going out of your way to speak with her father you are showing her just how much you love her. It will show her father that you plan to take care of his daughter, and that you are ready for this lifelong commitment.
Saying the Wrong Thing
You don’t have to write a speech. If you love her, which is assumed since you are proposing, then the words will flow easily.
Just make sure not to say, “It’s the next logical step” or “guess we should get married,” which again, shouldn’t happen if you are proposing for the right reasons.
Proposing for the Wrong Reasons
If you are just proposing because you’ve been together awhile and it’s the next logical step, or because your family has been bugging you, then stop and think.
Why do you want to marry this woman? Answers should include but are not limited too – seeing a future together, loving everything about her, and being ready for a life together.
Let us know, have you ever experienced a proposal gone wrong? What other mistakes should be avoided when proposing?

Proposal Gone Wrong

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