Which Contemporary Metal Suites your Lifestyle?

Wedding season is fast approaching, and if you are like the majority of men today you want a wedding band that’s simple, easy on the bank account (considering you are paying for a wedding), and durable for your active, manly lifestyle.
Contemporary metals have quickly become the metals of choice when it comes to men’s wedding bands, because they have all the qualities men today are looking for. We’ve compiled an informative list of the metals to help you, or your fiancé, find the wedding band that will fit your lifestyle, and last a lifetime.

– New metal designed specifically for the jewelry industry
– Cobalt based metal that is a brilliant pure white color
– Will not change color or lose its shine over time
– Very scratch resistant
– Can be removed in case of an emergency
– Hypoallergenic
– Stronger and more durable than Tungsten Carbide
– 5x harder than titanium, 6x platinum, and 9x harder than silver
– Can be engraved
– Available in many different designs and finishes
– Price ranges from $250-$300
VERDICT: Perfect for any lifestyle, especially a strong and active one, considering even the word ‘vitality’ is part of its name.

Tungsten Carbide
– Element discovered in 1783
– Rings are made of a combination of Tungsten and Carbide
– Hard scratch resistant surface
– Heavy metal
– Such a hard metal that it is brittle, so if hit hard enough, or dropped from enough height it does have the potential to break
– Grey to gunmetal grey in color
– Hypoallergenic
– Will not tarnish
– Price ranges from $200-$1000
VERDICT: Good for a lifestyle that doesn’t include working heavily with one’s hands (or being a klutz).
Carbon Fiber
– Used in cars because of its lightweight and extreme durability
– Lightest ring available
– Strong enough to support the weight of a grown man standing on it
– The rings are created using tight weaves of carbon
– Price $350
VERDICT: For a man who likes an industrial look, wants extreme durability yet wants his ring to feel weightless.

– Lightweight metal
– Very durable
– Prone to scratches, but they can be polished out
– Also used in aerospace and sporting goods
– Hypoallergenic
– Will not tarnish
– Price ranges from $99-$200
VERDICT: For a man who is conscious of his bank account but works with his hands.

Black Diamond Ceramic
– Shiny black color
– Among the hardest materials known to man
– Extreme scratch resistance
– Lightweight
– Also used to make spaceships and jet turbine engines
– Will forever retain its color and shine
– Non-metallic, so it’s good for those who have allergies
– Prices range from $150-$300
VERDICT: For a man who likes to live on the edge.

– A natural element that begins as a silver color and is heat treated which causes the metal to oxidize and turn black
– Comparable to titanium in durability
– High scratch resistance
– Allows for etched designs in the metal because the black oxidation doesn’t go all the way through the ring, so the etching reveals the silver color beneath
– Prices range from $150-$300
VERDICT: A man who wants a durable ring but unique ring.
The durability of contemporary metals does not make them sizable, but here at Wheat Jewelers not only do we carry these amazing metals, but we offer a size exchange policy (in case you eat a few too many Twinkies) and also provide a lifetime guarantee.


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