Making the Sparks Fly

The Fourth of July is fast approaching, and with every big holiday, especially as one as romantic and heavily celebrated as this one comes the perfect opportunity to propose. We’ve compiled a list of the most romantic Fourth of July proposals that will guarantee sparks to fly!

  • While she’s looking up in awe at all the colors get out the engagement ring and propose as it sparkles under the lights of the fireworks.
  • If you are a couple who enjoys a little bit of privacy take her to the place you are going to watch fireworks early, lay out a  blanket and propose so when your friends and family come you can all celebrate your engagement.
  • Think of a happy Fourth you spent together as a couple and recreate that special day. When you propose tell her you hope to spend every Fourth with her for all the years to come.
  • During the grand finale of a firework show whisper, “Will you marry me?” in her ear as you bring out the engagement ring.
  • Set up your own fireworks show. As the grand finale comes tell her she lights up your life more than the fireworks light up the sky and ask her to marry you.
  • Take her out for a romantic Fourth of July picnic, packed with her favorite food. Propose as you both finish the meal and celebrate with champagne.
  • Take her to a Fourth of July parade. Arrange ahead of time to have a banner in the parade that says, “Will you marry me, (her name)?” When she sees the banner, get down on one knee and propose.
  • Take her outside with a box of sparklers. Have the ring hidden in a box of sparklers and when she pulls it out get down on one knee and tell her how much she sparks up your life.
  • If she is family oriented then what better way to propose then at a family barbecue? Have the garage come down at whomever’s house you are at revealing a special message asking her to marry you.
  • What better way to propose then at a Fourth of July bonfire. Cozy up with some smores and propose over marshmallows and chocolate.

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