5 Ways to Make Sweetest Day a Day She’ll Never Forget

This year Sweetest Day falls on Saturday October 18. Need some help figuring out how to show your sweetheart just how much you love her? Well we’ve compiled the ultimate Sweetest Day list to keeping the romance alive.

To Curb Her Chocolate Craving
Let’s face it, every woman craves chocolate, it’s embedded in our DNA. So a big box of chocolates goes a long way. No, not the chocolates wrapped in a pink cellophane box you got at the drugstore on the way home. Godiva chocolates will do. Go out of your way to show her you care.

To Make Her Day Smell Sweet
You can’t go wrong with flowers, just try to match the flowers you buy with her favorite color, she will appreciate that you remembered. Also, be sure to check the flowers aren’t wilting and are in full bloom. That ensures you’ll get the most aroma as well as making sure they are the most beautiful they can be.

To Show Her You will Love Her Forever
Jewelry. Yes, don’t be intimidated by the word; embrace it. Since it lasts forever, jewelry is a meaningful gift. If you think she has enough jewelry you’re wrong, those words will never come out of her mouth. Just as our love for chocolate is never-ending, so is our love for jewelry.
Women like to tell a story and every time she wears the piece of jewelry you gave her she will be reminded of that story and make excuses to tell others just how amazing her sweetheart is.

To Say Those 3 Meaningful Words
“I Love you.” Don’t forget those 3 gigantic words. Gifts should be auxiliaries to these 3 words, so hand her the chocolates, flowers or jewelry and repeat after me, “I love you.” That wasn’t so hard was it?

To Show Her You Really are the Romantic Type
This can include breakfast, lunch or dinner with your sweetheart and if you are feeling extra romantic try cooking your own meal. Don’t just come home and settle in front of the TV. I cannot reiterate this enough; Sweetest Day gives you an excuse to show her just how much you love her.


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