10 Interesting Facts About the January Birthstone


  1. The January birthstone is garnet, a deep warm red colored gemstone. Garnet comes in colors ranging from deep red to vibrant green.
  2. The earliest findings of garnet date back to 3,000 B.C.
  3. Garnet was believed to be good fortune to travelers, as it was said to light up the night.
  4. The garnets high refractive index makes the gemstone super sparkly.
  5. A garnet is super affordable. A carat equivalent to a diamond starts at about $19.
  6. Garnet comes from the word ‘granatum’ meaning seed because of its resemblance to the pomegranate seed.
  7. A garnet does not scratch or break easily, which means it can be set into all types of jewelry.
  8. Garnet is commonly found as small pebbles in streams where the rocks have weathered away.
  9. The largest Garnet mines can be found in Connecticut and New York, hence the reason the Garnet has been chosen as their states gemstone.
  10. Garnet is not only given in January, but is the celebrated gemstone for the 2nd as well as the 18th wedding anniversary.



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