How to Afford Your Pinterest Dream Ring


Pinterest gives women high expectations and by high I mean extremely high, as in pictures of flashing 5 carat rings on perfectly manicured fingers. Now, I’m not knocking Pinterest, in fact I am an avid user myself, but too often I see women ogling their Pinterest page of engagement rings only to find that the cost is more like a luxury car, undoubtedly breaking the wallets of their future fiancés. Don’t be discouraged, there are still ways to afford your dream ring and not go into debt.

Focus on the Center Stone

Put most of your budget towards the diamond, trust me you won’t regret it. Setting the diamond in a solitaire will allow you to focus more on the center stone. A quality diamond that sparkles will always look bigger than a lower quality diamond in an elaborate setting.  You can always upgrade the ring later, but the majority of the time the diamond becomes the most sentimental part of the ring, so start with that sparkle and you won’t even notice that diamond is sitting on a simple ring.

If You Really Really Want to Focus on the Design

You’ve found your dream ring on Pinterest. All the intricate details and diamonds, it’s exactly what you’ve always dreamed of, except for the price tag. You can’t imagine compromising your ring design for the center stone. If this is the case opt for a Moissanite center stone. Moissanite is about as hard as a diamond, with a similar look but without the cost of a diamond. If you compare a carat diamond to a carat Moissanite you’ll find the prices are strikingly different. A carat diamond starts at about $4,000 and a carat Moissanite is about $500. A Moissanite leaves you plenty of room in your budget for that perfect ring without compromising durability and sparkle. Later on, if you decide, you can always upgrade to a diamond.

Be Non-Traditional

If your focus is on the ring design, opt for a non-traditional center stone such as a gemstone. Just make sure the gemstone is hard enough to wear every day. The only gemstones suggested for an engagement ring would be a ruby or sapphire. They are both one less hard than a diamond, so you won’t sacrifice durability. Sapphires also come in a multitude of colors, so you can choose a color that suites your style. Prices will range with rubies and sapphires but for example, a blue sapphire that is a carat equivalent to a diamond will run at about $2700 and if you want to opt for a lab created gemstone which is created using the same chemical structure of a natural gemstone and is just as hard would be about $500. Gemstones allow a non-traditional look that won’t break the bank but gives you a look that is truly unique.

Get Rid of All That Gold

No doubt you or your future fiancé have some gold lying around that you don’t wear. If your dream ring is a little bit over your budget collect all that old gold. Most jewelry stores will buy your gold to use towards the purchase of the ring. If you don’t have quite enough and feel comfortable in doing so enlist the help of friends and family, people that may be a little older and have accumulated more gold and may be willing to donate it to a good cause.

All in the Family

If you’re comfortable asking your family for their excess gold go one step further. See if there’s a family member that would be more than happy to give you a diamond. Not only will that save your budget for your ring, but your ring will be even more sentimental.

Give it a Halo

Halo Engagement Rings (a ring of diamonds around the center diamond) has been extremely popular. One of the main reasons for its popularity is that it makes the center stoner look significantly larger than it is. So if you want more bang for your buck adding a halo around your center diamond will give you that sparkly impact you’re looking for.


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