Ways You are Damaging Your Engagement Ring (And Don’t Even Know It)

engagement ring at gym

Your Morning Routine

You may not think your morning could cause damage to your ring but it could be causing more damage than you think. If you wear your ring in the shower all the shampoo and soap can build up in the ring as well as makeup as you’re applying it. If you are using any harsh chemicals on your hair such as hairspray you could slowly be damaging your ring. Put your ring on as you are headed out the door.

Hitting the Gym

This should go without saying, do not wear your ring to the gym! Why? Because lifting weights and doing that fast paced cardio we know you all love will leave unwanted scratches and can wear down metal and prongs faster, you could even lose a diamond.

Taking a Dip

Swimming with your ring is one of the top offenses. Not only could your ring slip off but the chlorine contains harsh chemicals that will slowly eat away and possibly discolor the metal.

Household Chores

Doing the dishes, cooking, cleaning and gardening are all chores that need to be done (eventually), but without your ring on. Cleaning with harsh chemicals can severely damage your ring. The chemicals from dish soap, bleach or any harsh chemical can have a significant impact on your ring. Your ring will not only be super dirty but it can discolor the metal, wear it down faster over time, loosen a stone or damage a prong. All great reasons to put your ring somewhere safe when you set out to do your household chores, or better yet have your husband do them.

 Handling Your Ring

Diamonds have a natural affinity for grease, so constantly touching your diamond or picking it up from the top creates a film over the diamond, which in turn affects its sparkle. So when you pick up your ring, pick it up from the band.

Removing Your Ring in Public

You may think that removing your ring before you wash your hands in a public bathroom will save your ring some unwanted soap scum, but you’re actually running the risk of your ring falling down the drain or being left behind. So deal with that extra soapy buildup and just leave it on when you’re in public.

Tucking Your Baby in at Night

At night you slide off your precious ring into your jewelry box, thinking it’s the safest place to put it. You may actually be leaving your ring vulnerable to unnecessary scratches. Yes diamonds are hard, but a diamond can scratch another diamond. To avoid unnecessary scratches place your ring in dividers or a cloth pouch away from any other diamond jewelry.

Leaving it Unchecked

You wear your ring every day, so it’s only natural that daily activity can over time loosen the prongs. For example if you constantly bang it or snag it on your clothes. Gunk also tends to build up over time and you lose that sparkle, so it’s only in your benefit to take your ring to your jewelry every 4-6 months to ensure the setting is secure and get it nice and sparkly again.


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