5 Ways to Make Your Engagement Ring Last a Lifetime (If Not Longer)


Take Your Ring Off When Doing Any Strenuous Activity

This is an easy way to make your engagement ring last a long time. Before you do anything that requires laborious work, especially with your hands, take off your ring and put it somewhere safe. Either in the box it came in or somewhere such as a ring holder where you won’t forget about it, or risk it being eaten by your dog. (Yes, it has happened before)

Store Your Ring Individually

Don’t forget that diamonds can easily scratch other diamonds, so to keep unwanted scratches off your diamond as well as your ring, store your ring individually. Whether you keep it in a separate box, cloth pouch, or different section of your jewelry box, it should stay away from your other jewelry.

 Clean Your Ring Often

Clean your ring about once a week. You’ll be surprised how much lotion, oil and dirt get on your ring, affecting its sparkle and eventually affecting the ring itself. Since you most likely don’t have time to bring it to your jeweler to have it professionally cleaned every week, you can do it at home. For an easy inexpensive way to clean your jewelry buy original Simple Green and mix 1 part Simple Green and 2 parts warm water. Soak your ring in this solution and you’ll have it looking like new.

Get Your Ring Checked Twice a Year

Bring your ring to your jeweler every 4-6 months to have it professionally checked and cleaned. Your jeweler will check for worn, broken prongs or loose stones that may need to be tightened. It may eat a little time out of your day, but it will take a lot less time to get it checked and cleaned than it would be to replace a diamond.

Get Your Ring Appraised and Insured

When you purchased the ring you should have received an appraisal. Immediately take that appraisal and get your ring insured. In case of lost or theft, getting your ring insured will save you a lot of grief and money.



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