How to Hint at Your Dream Engagement Ring

Double Halo Engagement Ring

There are so many different ring styles and diamond shapes out there that for a man to go blindly into a jewelry store with no knowledge of what his future fiancé will want to wear forever can be a bit intimidating. So we’ve devised a list of ways to hint at your dream engagement ring.

Pinterest is Key

Of all the social media outlets out there, Pinterest is key for engagement ring images and a great way to hint to your man exactly what style you like.

Casually tell him you have a Pinterest board pinned with all your favorite rings, or better yet (since he probably doesn’t have a Pinterest page) leave your Pinterest on a computer or tablet and he’s bound to snoop.

Use Your Friends Engagement to Your Advantage

If you’ve got a friend who just got engaged use it as an opportunity to talk to your man about what style ring you like. Specifically what you like or dislike about your friends ring.

Do a Little Recon Shopping Together

The best way for him to get an idea of what you really like and for you to actually try on different styles is to go to a jewelry store together. Shopping as a couple has become a normal part of looking for an engagement ring. Since there are so many styles out there and a ring is a big investment it makes sense for a couple to choose a ring together that they both love.

Enlist a Friend’s Help

If you want to be a little more discreet and allow your man to surprise you, tell a good friend what style ring you prefer. In fact I urge you to go try on rings and if you find one you can’t live without, great! Your friend can push your man in that direction.

*Keep in mind these hints should only be used if you’ve had the ‘talk’ about marriage and getting engaged.


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