Your Guide to Engagement Ring Settings (Part 1)


The way your center stone is set will greatly determine how your engagement ring will look. When choosing a setting consider the lifestyle of you or your future fiancé as some settings are more secure than others.


Prongs that secure the stone are set in a basket shape. This setting optimizes the amount of light to pass through the stone while keeping it set low.

basket solitaire engagement ring


A style of interwoven prongs that secure the stone in a low basket.  It gives the ring a little more detail while still being similar to the basket setting in that it allows light to easily pass through to the stone.

trellis solitaire engagement ring


The stone is fully surrounded by a thin border of metal. The bezel gives the ring a modern look and is also very secure. This setting is great for someone with an active lifestyle.

bezel set engagement ring

Half Bezel

Only two sides of the stone are rimmed with metal, as opposed to a full bezel. Having two sides of the stone left open allows more light to enter the stone, which in turn increases the sparkle.

half bezel solitaire engagement ring


The center stone is framed between archways that taper upwards toward the center stone. The cathedral setting provides an elegant look.

cathedral solitaire engagement ring


In a halo setting diamonds or gemstones surround the center stone, making the stone appear larger. Halo settings are popular because not only do they increase the sparkle of the ring but you can save money on a smaller diamond without sacrificing sparkle.

halo engagement ring

Three Stone

A larger center stone is flanked by smaller or equal size stones. Three stone settings are said to represent the couples past, present and future. Three stones are typically more expensive because of the larger diamonds.

3 stone ring


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