The Good and the Bad of Engagement Ring Shopping Together

eng shopping

It’s become the norm for couples to shop for engagement rings together. In fact, according to The Knot, 65% of couples shop for engagement rings together. These days it’s all about the setting and with so many styles out there to choose from it can be a lengthy and stressful process to find the one your future bride will love. Imagine if it was reversed and she was to choose the players for your fantasy football team. Are you confident she would pick a team you could be proud of?

The Good

She gets exactly what she wants

You are going to spend a good chunk of money on an engagement ring, so you want to make sure she loves it. By shopping together she can try on rings and see what style ring as well as diamond shape suits her and as a bonus you’ll know exactly what finger size she is.

There’s no need to stress

It’s a little stressful walking into a store knowing absolutely nothing about the style of ring your bride will love. Believe me; I’ve seen many guys sweat over this decision. If you’ve both talked about marriage and are ready to make the commitment, why not bring her in to try on rings and ease your stress significantly.

Equal Say

When you’re married, you’ll be making big decision together all the time, like buying a house or a car. Start off the marriage making your first big decision as a couple and choose a ring together.

The Bad

You may go over your budget

If you take her shopping you run the risk of her falling in love with a ring that exceeds your current budget. If you’re comfortable talking about your budget beforehand you can give her a little headway when you’re looking. No doubt she doesn’t want to exceed what you’re comfortable spending, after all what’s yours will be hers sooner rather than later.

It kills the romance

Maybe kill is a little harsh; it changes things a bit when she knows the ring you are going to propose to her with. To boost a little more romance back into the proposal have her pick out 3 rings she loves equally so she will still be surprised when you get down on one knee.

If you think shopping together will completely ruin the surprise you can always propose with a temporary ring, and then pick out the ring together after the proposal. You can also set the diamond in a solitaire and after the proposal have her choose the setting. If you want to do it all on your own I suggest finding pictures from her Pinterest board or dropping hints as to what style she would like.

It may have been traditional for a guy to propose with a ring that he picked out all on h is own, but there’s no such thing as ‘traditional’ anymore. Why I may agree that it is not about the ring, but the marriage, the ring is also a symbol of your individuality as a couple and the style of the ring should reflect that special bond.


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