7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Clarity Enhanced

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The Process is Amazing

As humans we strive to better the things around us and technology is constantly changing and evolving. For many years gemstones have been enhanced by technology to improve their appearance, such as Emeralds and now with Diamonds we are doing the same.

To perform the Clarity Enhancement, a diamond has to contain a specific clarity characteristic called a feather. A feather is a scratch in the diamond, which hinders the way light comes into the diamond and back out to the eye.

The feather is optically eliminated with a weightless microscopic film. The film has the same reflective index as a diamond, so light is able to transmit through the feather, thereby optically eliminating the flaw. Cool right?!

You Get More for Your Money

When buying a Clarity Enhanced diamond you’ll get a 30% larger diamond than a non-enhanced. Why? You are essentially paying for the quality of the stone before the enhancement, plus the cost of the enhancement process.

The Diamond is Guaranteed for Life

And not just your lifetime, but the lifetime of the diamond. That means even if the enhancement is reversed, either through exposure to extremely high heat or exposure to boiling acid the diamond is sent back and the process is re-applied at no cost to you.

They are Easy to Identify

Built into every Clarity Enhanced diamond is what is called a Flash Effect, a flash of color in the diamond seen under a 10X loupe.

The Process is Selective

It isn’t just every mined diamond that can go through the process. Each Clarity Enhanced diamond is hand selected. Only 1 in 600 diamonds can be Clarity Enhanced, so not only are you buying a diamond which already in itself is considered precious, but the fact that it can even go through the process is even more rare.

They Sparkle More

Since a feather hinders the ability of a diamond to refract light, by optically hiding the feather, more light travels back to the eye making for a sparkly diamond.

I Have One

When my husband and I got engaged we were both still in college, which means we definitely didn’t have enough money for a massive diamond. To us a Clarity Enhanced diamond was the way to go. In our minds it was a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t we want more diamond for the money?


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