How to Combat Diamond Shrinkage Syndrome

cushion double halo engagement ring_edited-2

Diamond Shrinkage Syndrome is a serious condition that affects millions of women around the world.

Don’t panic, diamonds don’t actually shrink over time, but your perception of them might. Wearing your ring everyday you may get used to the size of your diamond, which may make it appear smaller, but only to you. We’ve compiled a list of ways to combat this terrible syndrome, so you’ll be admiring your ring again in no time.

A Dirty Diamond is a Dull Diamond

Diamonds are naturally attracted to grease, which in turn attracts dirt, so diamonds get dull pretty quickly. A diamond that sparkles looks a heck of a lot bigger than a diamond that doesn’t. Take advantage of cleanings at your local jewelry store, or if you’d rather clean your ring at home just take a soft toothbrush and some soap and water. You’ll have a sparkling ring in no time.

Take a Ring Hiatus

Put your ring in a safe place for a couple of days. You’ll miss having that rock on your finger, and once you put it back on it will feel like a whole new ring.

Sparkle Trumps Size

Take your ring into a jewelry store, or any store with full spectrum lighting (home depot) and admire the sparkle of your diamond.

Stack Away

Stacking bands with your engagement ring has become a popular way to add more sparkle and a great way to celebrate special occasions.

Add a Halo

Halos have become very popular. Why? Well, a halo is a ring of diamonds around the center stone which not only amps up the sparkle of the ring, but makes your diamond appear larger. A halo will undoubtedly keep your DSS at bay.


For severe cases of DSS an upgrade may be the only solution.

Remember it’s Sentimental Value

When all else fails, remember who gave it to you.


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