5 Steps to Create a Custom Engagement Ring


You want her to have a ring that no one else in the world does, one that truly exemplifies the uniqueness of your relationship. So how do you go about creating a ring like that?

No worries, as a jewelry store that has been custom creating rings for 30 years we know exactly the steps to create a ring she’ll wear for a lifetime.

STEP 1 – Get a Sense of Her Jewelry Personality

What does she usually wear? A lot of jewelry or none at all? Does she wear mostly gold or silver colored jewelry? Getting a sense of what she normally wears will give you a sense of what she will like in a ring.

STEP 2 – Do Some Research

Figure out if you have any family stones you would like to incorporate into the ring, or whether you will be purchasing stones from the designer.

Search for engagement rings online to get a sense of what you like or what you believe she would like. Take notes about ring features or better yet print them out. Going into a custom appointment already having an idea of what you want the ring to look like will make the process a lot faster and easier for both parties.

STEP 3 – Find a Jeweler

Find a jeweler who specializes in custom design and who does everything on site. Also ask about the designers work and how long they’ve been in business. The more experience they’ve had, the better!

STEP 4 – The Design Appointment

Going into the appointment make sure you know your budget and bring your notes as well as any pictures you may have. Factor in a slightly higher price for a custom ring.

At the appointment the designer will ask a bunch of questions to get a good idea of what you want. Stand by your ideas but listen to their input, after all they are the expert!

Depending on the designer you may be able to see a rough image of the ring design on CAD (computer aided design) system. From there the designer can aid you in picking the perfect stones for the ring.

STEP 5 – The Final Stages

As you communicate with the designer, you will receive renderings of what the ring will look like until you are happy with the look.

Next the designer will create a 3D wax of the ring, so you’ll be able to see exactly what the ring will look like upon completion. The designer will await your approval and then make the engagement ring.

You now have a ring that reflects your vision and budget. Your craving for something unique has awarded you with a ring you will be proud to present to the woman you love.


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