How to Make Your Diamond Look Bigger


He has a strict budget and she wants a big diamond. This conflict doesn’t have to leave resentment for one or both parties. In fact, there are ways to make a diamond look bigger than it is and make everyone happy.

Diamond Cut

The cut of a diamond not only includes the shape but how well the diamond has been cut.

Naturally, a diamond that is cut very well (ideal cut) has just the right proportions to maximize the diamonds sparkle. The more sparkle a diamond has the larger it looks, because a well cut diamond provides visual dimension to the stone.

Diamond Shape

Certain diamond shapes look larger in carat weight than others. Diamond shapes that elongate the finger and appear larger are oval, marquise and emerald cuts.

White Metal

If you want your diamonds to appear larger, have them set in white metal such as white gold, platinum or pall adium. The image of the stone is reflected in the metal, creating the illusion of a larger rock.


A halo is a ring of smaller diamonds that surround the center diamond. Adding the extra width and sparkle to the diamond makes the center stone appears significantly larger.

If you want to go for an even bigger, more blingy look a double halo will provide more finger coverage.

Dainty Band

Offsetting a dainty band with a diamond that is wider than the band will make the diamond appear larger. If you want a little sparkle go for a dainty band with small side stones, so your diamond will still be the main event.


A bezel setting is a rim of metal that surround the center diamond. Since the bezel gives the diamond more width it makes the diamond appear larger.


A cathedral setting looks just like the name states. If you look at the side profile of the ring metal swoops up to the center diamond, giving the appearance of a cathedral. The center diamond is usually set higher in a cathedral setting, which gives the illusion of a larger diamond.


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