Giving Back

santa and reindeer'

Ever since Toys for Tots was Founded in 1947 in Los Angeles it has become a nationwide charity that has helped millions of children celebrate the holidays. Each year they collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December and distribute those toys to less fortunate children.  They have distributed over 494 million toys to over 230 million children.

Each year for 20 years on Black Friday, Wheat Jewelers unites with Toys for Tots for a day of community fun. Santa and live Reindeer join us as well as the marines as children line up to take pictures and get in the holiday spirit. It’s become a community tradition that families look forward to every year. It inspires and brings a message of hope for the community. In fact, one such child that had participated in taking pictures with Santa and meeting the marines had decided that he would become a marine one day, and that is just what he did. Years later he came back to Wheat Jewelers to tell us what an inspiration that experience was for him with the marines and that he did in fact follow in their footsteps.

This event reminds us and our community what Thanksgiving and Christmas is all about; family, our community and giving back during these holidays. We hope you will be able to share in our fun this Black Friday!


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