4 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Round Brilliant Diamond

round brilliant diamond

70% of all diamond engagement rings consist of a round diamond, making the round diamond one of the most popular shapes. Round diamonds tend to be a little more expensive because more of the rough is removed when cutting a round than other diamond shapes. But have no fear we’ve compiled a list of things to keep in mind when buying a round diamond that will get you the best diamond for your budget.

  • Choose a round diamond that is high in cut. Very good and up. Why? A higher cut grade with good proportions not only makes for an extremely sparkly diamond but will mask color in the diamond as well as inclusions.
  • The cut of a round diamond masks body color, so you can compromise on the color a little to get a nice white looking diamond. Staying in the near colorless range of color will allow for a round diamond that faces up white.
  • You don’t need a flawless diamond for it to be gorgeous (Plus they command the highest prices). Stay in the SI range of clarity (unless you are getting large than a 2CT). Although the SI range is the slight inclusion range and yes you will be able to see clarity characteristics under a 10X loupe, to the naked eye all you’ll be able to see is a crisp, clean diamond. Plus, none of your friends are walking around with a 10X loupe, so as long as you can’t see anything, they can’t see anything, which means your future wife also won’t be able to see anything.
  • Look at the diamond (really look at it!) You should be able to tell if the diamond is dull or if it sparkles. As long as the diamond faces up with a color that is appealing to you and there are no visible inclusions you’ve found the perfect diamond.

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