How to Add Side Profile Detail to Your Ring

These days the devils in the details; especially when it comes to engagement rings. Brides want to admire their ring from every angle. You’ll be staring adoringly at your ring so undoubtedly you will scrutinize every detail, so why not allow every angle to take your breath away? The side profile of an engagement ring (which was neglected before) now has numerous options to bring it to life. Read on to find the detail for your ring that you can’t live without.

Diamond Basket diamond basket

Most rings will have a basket to hold the diamond in place, so picking a setting with diamonds on the basket will give it that little extra sparkle. This detail is great for solitaires since they give just a little ‘umph’ without taking away from the center stone.

Surprise Diamondsurprise diamond

A surprise diamond is literally that. When you turn your ring to the side you don’t expect to see anything spectacular and then BHAM! There’s a beautiful diamond sitting on the side profile of your ring and not only that but it’s on both sides! Surprise diamonds are great if you want to go for some subtle sparkle.

Hand Engravinghand engraved ring

Hand engraving is (you guessed it) done by hand. If you don’t want all that bling on the side profile of your ring, but you don’t like all that plain metal, hand engraving is beautiful detail that often exudes a vintage style.

filigree ringAdded appeal and vintage detail is also apparent in most filigree detail. This detail can be anything from swirls to floral patterns. Just like Hand Engraving, Filigree is a relatively inexpensive way to make a ring more visual.

Milgrainmilgrain side detail

Milgrain detail often appears on the edges of a ring. Along with Hand Engraving and Filigree this beaded look exudes a vintage look and does a great job of framing your ring.

Two Tonetwo tone

For that added pop of color, pick a setting that has side detail (like any of the ones previously discussed) that is a different metal color than your engagement ring. Another metal color gives the ring a lot of dimension.

Diamond Prongsdiamonds on prongs

Diamonds going all the way up a rings prongs really make the center diamond pop. Literally from every angle you’ll get that added sparkle.

Diamond Encrusteddiamond encrusted

If you really want to up the ante on the sparkle, pick a setting that has diamonds not only on the top of the band but on the side profile of the ring.


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