6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy an Engagement Ring Online

You Don’t Know What You’re Getting

Buying online it’s easy to make a terrible decision. The internet is unregulated so you may be thinking you are getting a great deal when it’s in fact the opposite.

Ratings may qualify a diamond seller as reputable because they ship on time or accept returns, but there is no guarantee you are getting the best for your dollar since each diamond is unique.

It’s understandable that you may not know a lot about diamonds to buy online and know it’s a good value, but a jeweler will. A great store will help you find a diamond in your price range and provide you with unbeatable education.

A Diamond Certificate Does NOT Guarantee It’s a Beautiful Diamond

Think of a diamond like a woman. If you were given her proportions, even if they are perfect that doesn’t ensure she’s beautiful. The same is true of a diamond. There is no guarantee what a diamond will look like, so it is always better to see them in person.

You Can’t Compare Diamonds

When you’re buying an engagement ring you want to select the perfect diamond for the one you love. When you can’t compare diamonds, really see them in person, you won’t know which one is the most pleasing to your eye.

There are a lot of factors that play into the beauty of a diamond that can’t be seen without the eye. If you’re choosing a fancy shape it’s even harder not seeing them in person because of their many varying proportions.

There’s No Long Term Relationship

When you buy online you lose that relationship you would have had with the store you bought the ring from. A ring definitely needs a long term relationship with a jeweler.

Think about it, she will wear that ring every day, bang it up, get it grimy; eventually the ring is going to need maintenance. A jeweler will check, tighten and clean the ring throughout its lifetime. A jeweler can also size the ring if need be and some offer an upgrade program. Don’t think you will ever upgrade? Believe me it will happen and you’ll be thankful if you have a good upgrade program when she decides she wants a bigger diamond.

You Aren’t Saving

Despite what you may think, diamond pricing between online and an independent jeweler is very comparable. Diamond pricing in general is very competitive and because of that competition diamond margins aren’t what they used to be. So purchasing online not only aren’t you not saving anything but you are losing a future relationship with a jeweler.

The Quality is Subpar

You’re looking online for an engagement ring and thinking to yourself, “wow this ring is less than the one I found in the store, it must be a great deal!” Wrong. We have a goldsmith that works in-house and there have been countless times someone has brought in a ring they bought online to get repaired. Why? It’s because the quality is lacking, therefore they can lower pricing for the ring.

It’s an engagement ring; you’ll want it to last for your whole lives. Don’t skimp on the ring.


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