6 Reasons to Buy from an Independent Jeweler

two tone antique hand engraved ring_edited-2

The Quality is Better

At an independent jeweler you will always find quality products. Why? An independent wants to maintain a reputation for outstanding quality or the customer may not return. In a community it’s all about word of mouth, so independents pride themselves on quality.

Chain stores buy in bulk which means their quality is usually lower because there is less quality control than a hand selected piece. You will most likely be paying a premium for their brand names, not the quality.

They Educate the Customer

At a lot of chain stores sales associates are not properly educated or haven’t been in the business for more than a couple of months.

An independent jeweler relies on education; they aren’t just trying to make a quota. Providing the customer with the knowledge to choose the perfect ring and find what’s best for the budget is what makes a retailer trustworthy. Instead of trying to up sell they are there to help make one of the most important purchases in your life.

Better Pricing

An engagement ring from a chain store is often higher priced because it goes through a lot of people before it even gets to the consumer, which in turn increases the final price of the ring. Mass production also allows chains to mark pieces up to high retail and mark them down to look like a better deal.

An independent jeweler often creates a ring in the store or receives it directly from a vendor so it goes through a lot less hands before reaching the consumer, meaning lower prices. In turn an independent jeweler can work on smaller margin without sacrificing quality and service. You get more for your money with an independent because more often than not you have more options customizing your ring, such as choosing the center stone, the type of metal and the quality of stones you want.


With many chain stores there isn’t a jeweler on site to handle any necessary repairs. More than likely if your rings needs to be tweaked, sized, tightened or any of the maintenance that comes with a ring it will have to be sent out, which could take a couple of months.

Independent jewelers repairs are generally made right in store so there’s no worry about your ring being sent out and the time frame to get the job done is a lot faster.

Unique Jewelry

You go to show your friends your new ring only to find that another one of your friends has the same one. Not exactly the feeling you should have after a proposal. More likely than not you will have a ring that looks very similar to many other brides. When you purchase from a chain store you are buying a cookie cutter product. They create a couple pieces of jewelry that is trendy and they know will sell and distribute them to their locations. Do you want a ring that someone else has? No, I didn’t think so.

An independent jeweler can make anything you want. Majority do custom work and will work hard to get exactly what you want. With an independent jeweler there is no compromise.

Supporting Local

A lot of chain stores carry foreign made products and when they sell those products their profits go back to headquarters, which are often times in another state. The profits never reach the community.

By purchasing from an independent jeweler you are ensured that the profits reach the community.


With an independent jeweler you will have the whole experience. You get more personal service, there is no high pressure to meet a goal and best of all you can have fun.

Wheat Jewelers has over 3500 engagement rings that are all custom made to the clients specifications. Check out our website at http://www.wheatjewelers.com, or visit our store in Okemos, Michigan.



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