The 3 Birthstones for June – Pearl

Happy birthday month to all you June babies out there. June is a great month to have been born in because you have multiple birthstones to choose from. Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone each have their own beautiful characteristics. We’ve broken up each birthstone into different sections so you can learn some fun and interesting facts about these amazing gemstones.



  • Pearls are the only gems to come from living sea creatures that require no faceting or polishing to bring out their natural beauty.
  • 2206 BC a Chinese historian wrote about pearls for the first time.
  • For centuries Pearls have been used in jewelry and were most popular during what is now called the Pearl Age in Tudor England during the 1500s.
  • Pearls are created when small fragments of rock, sand, or a parasite enter the shell of an Oyster or Clam which irritates it. The Oyster or Clam coats the foreign material with multiple layers of shell material to protect itself.
  • Pearl is a relatively soft gemstone so it requires extra care when used in jewelry.
  • The Pearls that are seen in most stores today are cultured.
  • The luster of a pearl result from the reflection of light rays off a pearls surface.
  • To determine if a Pearl is real or imitation rub it against your teeth. Imitation pearls will feel smooth while natural or cultured pearls will have a slightly rough texture.

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