4 Reasons Why You May Want to Buy a Lab Grown Diamond

  • They are made from the exact same material as a mined diamond.

Both laboratory grown diamonds and mined diamonds are made of carbon. The only difference is how they are formed. Mined diamonds are formed under extremely high heat and pressure 118 miles below the surface of the Earth whereas laboratory grown diamonds use the same high heat and pressure in a laboratory with the help of man.

  • They take a lot less time to form.

A mined diamond takes 1 billion to 3.3 billion years to form, whereas a lab diamond takes about 2 weeks.

  • There are higher quality lab diamonds than mined diamonds.

When diamonds are formed under the Earth they contain impurities like gases such as nitrogen. Nitrogen is what causes a diamond to be yellow in color. In turn that means the more Nitrogen the more yellow the diamond is.

Lab grown diamonds are able to be grown with no measurable amount of Nitrogen, also called type IIa diamonds. Less than 2% of the worlds mined diamonds are type IIa, which means there is a larger abundance of whiter diamonds with lab grown.

  • They are less expensive

This is probably the main reason most people will buy Lab grown diamonds because they are 20-30% less expensive than an equivalent mined diamonds. So not only can you get a diamond that is less expensive but they are often of finer quality.

So here’s the big question: If you could save money would you buy a laboratory grown diamond?



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