Top Questions to Ask When Choosing a Jeweler

store front

More than likely you’ll be making your larger purchases in life from a jeweler, so it’s important to ensure that your jeweler can not only help you now, but in the future.

Are they personal?

A great jeweler genuinely wants to get to know you and that includes wanting what’s best for you. For them it isn’t about selling the high ticket item, it’s making sure you are happy. A great jeweler will find a way to make it work, even if they don’t have exactly what you’re looking for.

Does the jeweler listen to you?

A jeweler shouldn’t just tell you what you like, they should ask the right questions, listen and find exactly what you want. The key to knowing if your jeweler is a great one is if you walk out of the store feeling anything but overwhelmed.

What services are offered?

Choosing the right jeweler means choosing one that can help you now and in the future. For example, if you buy an engagement ring and need it sized you don’t want your jeweler to have to send it out to get it sized, you want to know that it’s safe where you purchased it and it will be back on your finger in a couple of days. Look for services that you think you need now and in the future. A jeweler should have basic necessities such as an in house goldsmith, be able to do appraisals, as well as custom design.

How knowledgeable is the jeweler?

There is a lot to know about jewelry. If you are buying an expensive piece of jewelry you want to take comfort in knowing that your jeweler knows what they’re talking about. A jeweler should answer any questions with ease. They should also want to teach you and guide you through the process of picking out a piece of jewelry, so you have enough knowledge to make an informed decision.

How long has the jeweler been in business?

If they are an established jeweler they should have referrals as well as reviews. Those will be a good indicator of how they work. If a jeweler has been in business for many years it stands to reason they must be doing something right, and more than likely they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Do they offer a wide selection?

A wide selection is the best way to ensure you’ll find a piece of jewelry you love and will want to wear for the rest of your life, especially when it comes to an engagement ring.

How is jewelry maintenance handled?

A jeweler should stand by their merchandise. For example, cleanings, tightening stones and other small repairs that come with keeping up a piece of jewelry should be taken care of.

How does the jeweler handle diamond certifications and appraisals?

If a diamond is certified you should receive a diamond certificate from your jeweler that is from a reputable certification company such as G.I.A or A.G.S. The jeweler should also provide you with a free appraisal giving the details on the piece of jewelry and the diamond for insurance purposes.

Do you trust the jeweler?

Honesty and trust are one of the most important qualities that you should look for in a jeweler. You want to make sure you trust your jeweler enough to be honest and upfront with you, as well as handle your jewelry respectfully.


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